Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team: Behind the scenes on Living With KKR – watch promo!

'Living With KKR' - Behind the scenes of Shahrukh Khan's IPL team

New Delhi, Feb 18: A new four-part TV series “Living With KKR” will chronicle the transformation of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, called Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) from being a group of struggling players in the early years to their emergence as formidable champions of the league.

Slated to go on air on Discovery Channel Feb 24, the series traces the emotional journey of the team from its unsuccessful first three years to its ultimate redemption as IPL champions in 2012.

KKR is co-owned by Shahrukh, actress Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta.

Shahrukh is thrilled to share the “journey of tears, sorrow, strength and victory with everyone” via the series, which is produced by Engage Sports Media.

“On behalf of Juhi, Jay and myself, I would like to thank the different players from all seasons of IPL, the coaches, physicians, the management and everyone else who has been part of this wonderful team for doing what they have done over the years.  I also thank the very loyal fans who have supported us and loved us no matter what,” he added.

Viewers will witness Shah Rukh at his candid best as he will share his fears, heart-rending moments and record celebrations. He also shares his reasons for selecting Kolkata for his team, its arduous climb, the tears from constant defeats, adapting to a new format and relationships that didn’t last.

The series also brings to the fore the unseen role played by husband-wife duo Juhi and Jay, the daring new decisions of KKR’s CEO Venky Mysore, the pressure absorbed by its captain Gautam Gambhir and the passion of the players, coaches and fans.

The market is ripe for such a show, says channel official Rahul Johri. “There is immense appetite amongst millions of cricket fans in India to gain up-close and personal access on what goes beyond the cricketing field. ‘Living With KKR’ will present the inspiring story of the team’s defeat, endeavour and absolute triumph,” he said.

The official dates of the seventh IPL, a Twenty20 format tournament, are yet to be announced. IANS

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