Porn Studies: World’s first academic porn journal launched!

Sunny Leone

London, March 23: For those interested in knowing the culture of pornography or the nature of sexual fantasy, here comes a first-ever “dedicated” porn journal. Named Porn Studies, the open-access journal is an “international, peer-reviewed journal to critically explore cultural products and services designated as pornographic”, its London-based publisher Routledge said.

According to the journal’s editors, pornography studies are still in their infancy and the new journal would focus “on developing knowledge of pornographies past and present, in all their variations and around the world”.

The first edition has two key papers titled Psychology and pornography: Some Reflections and Gonzo, Trannys, and Teens – Current Trends in the US Adult Content Production, Distribution and Consumption.

According to Los Angeles-based independent scholar Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, who wrote the second paper, Gonzo porn, loosely scripted porn in which the actors break the wall to interact with the cameraman or audience, is common today, in part because it is cheap to produce.

“Web-based pornographic clips and live-streamed, interactive shows are increasingly getting popular,” Tibbals was quoted as saying in media reports. The Internet has also enabled the rise of niche porn, which caters to particular audiences.

Porn Studies is an open-access journal for a limited period so you can read all papers for free in the inaugural issue online, said Routledge, a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources.