7th phase Lok Sabha Elections 2014: 47% voter turnout in Gujarat till 3pm, 50% in Bihar till 4pm

>Highest turnout in Dadra & Nagar Haveli at 74% till 3 pm

> Over 50% vote in Bihar till 4 pm

> Chandrababu Naidu might see his voted deleted for not maintaining secrecy

> 46% voting recorded in Uttar Pradesh till 3 pm

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> Nearly 68 percent voter turnout in West Bengal till 2am

> Over 25% voting in Bihar till noon

> Nearly 44% poll recorded in West Bengal

> About 25 percent voting recorded in Uttar Pradesh till 11 am

> 19 percent polling for seven seats in Bihar

> Brisk polling in Telangana in initial hours


> 14 percent polling in Punjab till 10am

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> Nearly 12% polling in Uttar Pradesh in initial hours

Photo: dnaindia.com

Photo: dnaindia.com

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>Modi poses for selfie post voting, attacks Congress’ mother-son government

modi selfie