Week two of “Made in America” focused on teaching the contestants to be graceful in their presentation and attitude—both on and off the runway. Host and mentor Nina Davuluri brought on her pageant sisters Miss. Pennsylvania, Annie Rosellini and Miss. Oklahoma, Kelsi Griswold to train the girls on their runway walk and presentation. The girls performed well on the challenge of walking the runway, Kanika won and Harindee bagged an honorable mention. However, Priyadarshini went missing at the second challenge working with the charity, Kiss the Ground.

No one could reach her when contacted and it concerned everyone. Ahana mentioned that Priyadarshini was the type to show up 5 minutes early, she was very responsible. Ahanaand her fellow contestants all expressed concern wondering if something more had happened to her. Challenge two was a group challenge so Kanika and Ahana were at a disadvantage as their group was down a member.

Priyadarshini finally shows up towards the end of the challenge and attempts to explain that she could not get out of her situation. She was summoned to court in regards to an early accident and her bag and phone were taken away. She could not contact anyone and did her best to make it back on time. Even with Priyadarshini missing Ahana and Kanika did well and Kanika even won the challenge!

Priyadarshini however, showed grace—the theme of the week —by thanking her contestants and Nina for their compassion. She assured them that she was not trying to waste anyone’s time and was serious about this journey.
The episode wrapped up with a third challenge of walking to the beat, which Harindee won. Kanika was then named winner of the week by Nina and during their one-on-one time Nina praised Kanika for excellent communication skills, for improving since week one and told her to not worry about others but focus on what makes her unique.
Looks like next week the girls get training in fashion, we can’t wait! Tune in Thursdays at 10 p.m. to watch “Made in America!”