New Delhi, Apr 11: This past March, Uplift Humanity marked educating 1,000 juveniles and orphans in India. Founded in 2010, Uplift Humanity uses cost-efficient and innovative teaching approaches to educate juveniles and orphans in India. The organization is most notably known for its annual summer program, whereby over 150 NRI volunteers in the United States travel to India in July to volunteer behind bars and in orphanages.

To commemorate their “1,000” milestone, Uplift Humanity and Zee TV have partnered up to host SHAKTI, a soiree in New York City on April 14th. The evening will include unlimited drinks, food, and entertainment, and will highlight the incredible work the organization has done. “When we finally reached our milestone of educating 1000 kids in India, we thought what better way to celebrate than to host a soiree and raise more funds for the kids we work with,” said Anish Patel, the 24-year old founder and CEO of Uplift Humanity.

“We decided to call the event SHAKTI because we wanted to showcase how strong the children we work with actually are” said Rima Mazumdar, the Head of the Event Committee for Uplift Humanity. Mazumdar added that throughout the whole venue, the organization will put up “stories of Shakti,” where attendees can learn about the resilient and courageous children the organization works with. While the event is a milestone celebration, 100% of the profits of the proceeds raised from SHAKTI will directly fund further educational programs.

“Right now in India, there is a critical need to educate this population. If we don’t educate these kids, who will?” said Patel in an interview with According to National India Crime Bureau Records, over 44,000 kids were put behind bars for crimes in 2016. Without organizations like Uplift Humanity, individuals who are behind bars and in orphanages have little to no access to education.

Uplift Humanity’s brand ambassador, Hollywood Actor Arjun Gupta said “When we look at orphans and juveniles in India, we see that they are constantly neglected of the most basic needs, education being one the most important. And that’s exactly why we’ve focused on educating this sector of the Indian population.” The organization’s soiree is expected to be a full glamour event with socialites, celebrities, friends, and family as supporters. To purchase tickets, click here.