Prem Jyotish

Weekly Horoscope for May 4-11


Journeys will prove beneficial

Business conditions shall improve

You might get tired easily with all the pressure at work

You will devote more time to your professional studies


Work issues might make you tired

Be careful of what you say to anyone as it might cause certain misunderstandings between people

You should start a new venture

Success in relations is indicated as well


You might get a good job opportunity to brighten your career more

Financial activities will keep you busy

You will get good success in your work/business

You will be able to take any risk in money matters, but you will be able to progress at a fast pace


You will feel more energetic to complete all your desired tasks

Might face problems at work

Also might have to take a loan

You will devote more time to other activities than at work


An auspicious ceremony might be celebrated

You will be full of life this week

Income will get better and targets will be achieved

You will get due reward of your hard work and success in your efforts


Health may deteriorate while health may suffer

High officials will remain happy with you

Your problems will be duly resolved

Investments in shares and property will get your good results


Beginning of the week, may be lost in solving domestic problems

Your enemies may try to damage your interest

Avoid losing temper

Interviews and tests will be cleared successfully


You will be able to enhance your income with hard work

Despite hurdles, your jobs will be accomplished

May meet a new person who will help you at work

There is a possibility of you traveling as well


A joyful week overall

Despite worries and tension, you will make progress

New projects made will prove to be fruitful

Avoid any dispute

Some legal issue may become more complicated


Take your work seriously and avoid relying on anyone without knowing the person.

Your health will be much better than before

All your obstacles will be removed

Your will be engaged in public welfare which will benefit you later on


You will work hard to realize your dreams and you will get due results

Some vital career decisions will be taken

Don’t lose your temper and do not say anything wrong to anyone

You may receive some good news

Your friends will help you to make you attain your cherished goals


Change in profession is possible

You will hear some good news

Parent’s health may deteriorate don’t start any new venture, it might cause trouble later

Friends and family will be cooperative


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