Home-makers are the least noticed when it comes to Budget when they are the ones who are running the home ministry. Imagine after working for a month at your workplace, nothing gets credited into your account. All you get is some praise or a compliment and some pin pointing as well. Although the world does not work like that, it does for some of them–home-makers! They keep the wheels of the house rolling (although today we have smaller section of men who contribute equally in household chores) the majority still lies with the women. As these financial managers also have to keep a close check on the expenses in the house, the recent price hike has been taking a toll on their efficiency to run the house.

So after seeing the rise in price of all almost everything in the last few years, here is a list of five things that these home financial mangers want the government to look in to and act accordingly.

Stronger tax collection system

One of the main concerns of the home-makers is to ensure that the taxes that the income of the sole earner of the family pays are well used. They want the amount to be reflected in the country’s development or in a way through which their lives can be made better. Also they want the government, not to depend just on the common man for the functioning of the country but on someone who has a higher amount of money to splurge every month.

Decrease in the cost of food products

From the last five years, the cost of basic food products  has doubled making it highly difficult to run the kitchen under budgets. Be it milk, eggs or grains, everything has seen a price hike. The cost of LPG is another disaster. The home-makers terribly want a roll back on of these prices that are of daily necessity.

Help them save more

When home-makers save money, it automatically is used in case of family needs. So be it their children’s school or tuition fees, cost of daily vegetables or any money related issue where they have to be manage the finances, it affects their savings. If all of these daily necessity products are available along with quality and quantity at a lower price, it will let them keep aside a small amount for themselves.

Salary for home-makers

Although this is an old debated topic and not many home-makers are expecting it in Budget 2014, inclusion of a basic amount for home-makers will do wonders. Women being known for their saving habit will help the houses function better. But then again, they worry if the amount would really reach them or get added in to the expenses that usually their husbands incur.

Keep gold prices fluctuating 

Jewllery remains one thing that many women cannot have enough of. A new policy being introduced that allows more import of the yellow metal or if an existing economic policy trashed may not interest them. But the gold prices will certainly do. Let the Finance Minister do something for the 50 per cent population of the country.