New Delhi, April 17: Want to sit with your family or friends on the flight together, then, in that case, be ready to pay more as national carrier Air India will now be charging more for seat selection. According to circular issued, Air India listed the seat-selection fee on various routes.

Earlier, Air India use to charge only for front-row seats on long-duration flights and now it has introduced an extra fee for the selection of middle, window and aisle seats on most rows, on domestic and international flights.

According to new rules, the fare for middle seats on domestic flights starts at Rs 100 and if chooses window or aisle seat then he or she has to Rs 200. The seat-selection fee is Rs 200 on most international routes, except Kathmandu where it is kept at Rs 100. The emergency exit row fee is higher and varies as per route, it was reported.

In recent times most Indian airlines have started charging middle-seat selection. The move helps airlines add to their revenue. The extra charge is charged when a passenger makes a choice at the time of online booking or during web check-in.

On Monday, Air India suspended a senior officer for fighting with a passenger over a business class seat. The flight was bound from Delhi to Amristar and it was delayed by 33 minutes due to the incident.