New Delhi, Nov 10: The new research shows that one can improve the Wi-Fi signals at home with a foil as it can direct the wireless signals to the area where you need it most. Also, the reflective material will not provide signals where you really don’t need it. In order to maximise the impact, one first needs to test it out at home.

A reflector was built by researchers, from Dartmouth College, University of Washington, Columbia University and UC Irvine. The reflector was made of plastic that was covered with a layer of metal and the testing was done by placing it around or beside many routers. By doing so, the signals gained strength by 6dB in the area where a push was needed. Also, a decrease in strength was witnessed in the areas where a connection wasn’t required.

It managed to increase signal strength by 6dB in the areas where a boost was needed, and decrease signal strength by up to 10dB in areas where a connection wasn’t required or wanted. One of the researchers told The Independent that his team designed an algorithm which optimizes a reflector’s 3-D shape to target wireless coverage.

As per the researchers, the cost of a 3D printed reflector is $35 but with this price, one has to wrap it in the foil himself. If one cannot avail the 3D printer, then you can experiment with a cardboard and foil but the researchers say that with such an experiment the impact will be less.