Bengaluru, June 22: India’s first home delivery service of diesel has been launched in the city of Bengaluru. The service offered by one-year old startup, MyPetrolpump, is available for orders and charges the fuel at the running price and a fixed delivery charge.

MyPetrolpump is the brainchild of Ashish Gupta, an IIT Dhanbad graduate who has worked extensively with Shell Global. The startup currently comprises of three delivery vehicles and has a carrying capacity of 950 litres per day. The startup has already delivered over 5,000 litres of the fuel.

According to a report by the TOI, Gupta commented on the absence of a similar petrol delivery by his startup and said, “Petrol is used only in bikes and cars, but diesel is used for power, in industries, by large vehicles and for farming. The per annum diesel consumption in India is 77 million metric tonne (MMT) versus 22-MMT of petrol. We will be offering petrol in the future.”

The MyPetrolpump services come to light at a time when the petroleum ministry led by Dharmendra Pradhan, mulled the launch of a similar fuel home delivery service. In a statement, Pradhan had said that the home delivery option for petrol and diesel would help consumers avoid spending excessive time and long queues at fuel stations.

Further, he had added via a tweet, “Options being explored where petro products may be door delivered to consumers on pre-booking.” The report also states that Gupta and his firm have been in regular contact with the petroleum ministry over the course of their launch. He said, “We’ve been in touch with the petroleum ministry since September 2016. After having convinced the officials, we had two meetings with the minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, who appreciated our innovation.”

Currently, MyPetrolpump has 20 regular customers including 16 schools each with a sizeable number of buses. The fixed delivery charge is Rs 99 per delivery for up to 100 litres. For volumes greater than 100 litres a charge of 1 Re per litre would be levied. Orders for the same can be placed online, via phone or through the MyPetrolpump app.