Geneva, March 6: Tata Motors on Tuesday made the world premier of its stylish concept sedan, E-vision, an electric concept at the Geneva motor show. The vehicle is based on Tata Motors’ new IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy.

The E-vision concept is built on the ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ (OMEGA) architecture. The architecture will help the vehicle to address performance challenges including long-range travel and class defining interiors.

Tata Motors said that the company wanted to bring world-class design, technology in the electric vehicle market. It wanted to be on the driver’s seat of the electric vehicle revolution.

This is the boldest electric concept by the company so far. The company aims to make most of its vehicles electric by 2022. The company wants to introduce some kind of electrification in all its vehicles, which includes mild-hybrids, hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Tata’s subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover has already announced that it will electrify most of its vehicles by 202o.

According to Economic Times, E-Vision concept will be put before the company’s board, and if the project is approved, the car might hit the road between 2020-22.