Xiaomi Mi3 may not have a lot of customer goodwill in India like Samsung but Xiaomi Mi3’s features are surely reeling in the numbers. Flipkart is the exclusive retailer for the latest Xiaomi smartphone in India and over 1 lakh units were booked under an hour of the sales opening for the device.

The pre-bookings opened on 15th July, 2014 and you could have purchased a Xiaomi Mi3 on Flipkart today only if you had pre-booked your handset but lots of customers are left ruing the moment they thought that they would log on to the website at their ease as the mad rush on the website wiped away the stocks in under an hour since midnight of 22nd July, 2014. Unsubstantiated sources claim that the stocks lasted for 38 minutes and 50 seconds before over 1 lakh units were ordered.

Flipkart has stated on their website that units of Xiaomi Mi3 are not available with them at the moment while giving good news for those wanting to get on the bandwagon as registrations for Xiaomi Mi3 will begin today itself.

Be on the lookout for more information here as Flipkart posts more information about the Chinese manufacturers handset which seems to have taken the mobile market by storm.