Although the day is not a national holiday but it is celebrated with much enthusiasm across everywhere. It is one of the most light-hearted days of the year where you get to pull pranks over your loved ones as well as your enemies yet everyone takes it in a light spirit of humorous way. Even though it is widely celebrated its origin is uncertain. While unleashing your fun side and fooling others let’s look at some of the fun facts related to April Fools’ day.

  1. The earliest records of anything to do with April fool’s day dates back to Canterbury Stories (1392) by Geoffrey Chaucer.
  2. On April Fool’s day in 209 a travel site Expedia offered exclusive flight tickets to mars!
  3. As per a survey 32% of workers say that they initiated or have been at the receiving end of a workplace fool’s day prank.
  4. In certain areas of Belgium the children show their stubborn side by locking out their parents and teachers, and only let them in once they agree to give them sweet sin return.
  5. In late 1980s a British television program ran an April fool hoax about a device named ‘Chippy’. The claim was that this technological device, a new type of walkman could hold hundreds of songs on a microchip .And now we do have MP# players turning the hoax into reality!
  6. On April 1 1945 when a powerful tsunami killed lots of unsuspecting people since they the whole population of the pacific island ignored the weather warning thinking it was an April fool’s hoax.
  7. The Dutch television had once telecasted news about the Tower of Pisa colliding down which shocked many people and a hoard of mourning people contacted the station.
  8. The Iranians have their own version of April fool’s day and this Persian holiday is called Sizdah Be-dar.
  9. In 1980 as a hoax the BBC reported that the iconic Big Ben watches will undergo a drastic transformation and will go digital!
  10. In Australia April Fool’s day pranks and jokes should not last past noon.