Having an older sister is the biggest pain and the biggest boon of your life. No matter how much she annoys you she’ll always stand up and take care for you. It may not even be wrong if I say, that your older sister is not only your first best friendbut also your last best friend.

Here is a list of 10 things that one will truly understand, if he/she has an older sister.

  • You’ll always be the experimental guinea pig, she’ll try things on : Every younger sibling had been in this situation. Older sisters will dress u in gowns, apply makeup on your.Try diffrent hairstyles etc. If you are a boy then, you would have faced a few inappropriate and embarrassing situations because your sister had dress you up.Eg. You are made to wear a gown and ramp walk when your neighbors enter. Oops!
  • Anything and everything is used as a weapon during fights:Fights over the remote, hair pulling, boxes and shouting. Any sort of violent fight can happen during which any substance is used ad an weapon of defence. Be it fork or water or even a bedsheet !
  • Your life is their gossip: Sisters love to ask you about the gossips in your life. Who do you like? Why did you break up? Their advice giving skills are sharpened during these events. Worst of all, they will make it very awkward and embarrassing in front of your friends or crush by narrating the most embarrassing stories of your life! Eg. Sister narrates the day you fell flat on your face while having a bath.
  • Jo tera hai woh mera: Everything that is yours is hers. She had rights to pick it up any time she wants but the same rule isn’t applicable visa versa. You are given strict warnings and instructions to not touch several things in her room.
  • Permission required from parents? No problem. Elder sis has your back: She can convince them. Stuck in a problem where you know you cannot call your parents or else you are screwed.Easy way out. Call your sister. She will always figure out a way
  • Elder sister is to blame: If you were a partner in a prank with your elder sister, then you’re safe. Elders get all the thrashing from parents! Even if if it isn’t a prank and just something you want to do, the older sister gets blamed for being responsible for influencing you. You want straighten your hair and parents are against it, then automatically at one point your sister will get blamed for putting such ideas in your head.
  • The immense pleasure simply by annoying the hell out of her : All of us have been here. It seems to be the only mission at times when you are at home. Though it may lead to your mom yelling at you, seeing your sister shouting out of impatience and yelling out of irritation is indefinitely the best feeling ever.
  • You get excited when a stranger asks which one is elder. You or her? :