10 things every short girl experiences in her life!

There are girls and then there are short girls. Every short girl faces many problems in her life and unless you are short yourself, you won’t understand them! There are perks of being short but let’s admit there are more shortcomings of being short. (P.S: This post has no shortage of term ‘short’)

So, here are 10 things every short girl around the globe can relate to:

1) You look ‘Cute‘ even when you are trying to look smokin’ hot!

2) You become an ‘arm-rest’ by default when you are surrounded by tall people.

3) Even if you put on 5 pounds, everyone and anyone can notice it! (Whyy?)

4) Every time you look at maxi dress, you want to cry your lungs out!

5) Even the shortest dress or shortest shorts won’t make you look slutty. (Thank God for that!)

6) You hate it when someone says ‘stand height wise’, because you know you will be in the front!

7) You have to prepare your mind before sitting on a bar stool.

8) If you are not standing in the front while clicking a picture, you better not be in it only!

9) People always like to tell you that you are short! (Really? You think we don’t know that?)

10) Amusement Parks often becomes ‘Are you tall enough for this ride?’ joke.