There are several television shows that have been dedicated in many countries to bring out the truth and surprising amount of hidden information is revealed on them. It is arguable on how genuine the shows are but lying is a regular everyday occurrence and it is crucial that we know how to spot the honest people from the deceitful kind.

These methods may not be completely fail proof or scientific but signs of a couple of them or more can give you a good idea about how true the conversation you are engaged in really is.

Check out the 10 steps to spot a liar here-

10 Non Contracted Denial

‘I was not there’ is non contracted denial, ‘I wasn’t there’ is contracted denial. Check the video to spot liars.

9 Grooming gestures

Basically anxiousness shown by rubbing their hair, adjusting tie and general ways that show a person is nervous like sweating.

8 Repitition

Usually, the entire question will be repeated usually with a rhetorical tone while an answer is being formulated.

7 Duping Delight

It is the involuntary show of emotions like a smile at the end of a lie when the mind thinks that the lie seems convincing enough.

6 Eye Contact

More than half the time of the conversation is usually spent with eye contact with the other person but a liar will maintain eye contact for much longer.

5 Leaked Expressions

Similar to Duping Delight but in this case, the true emotion is seen in the form of a contrary action like a nod when the liar is denying something or a shaking the head in disagreement while agreeing to something.

4 Voice Modulation

A liar will speak at a higher or lower pitch than usual with a lot of hesitation.

3 Escape

Tests have shown that a liar’s feet turn towards a known exit while the mind sub-consciously keeps barriers between himself and the interviewer like glass of water.

2 Story

To try and cover all the possible fallacies, a liar will give too much information and will struggle to repeat a false story.

1 Honesty

A falsely accused person will be furious but a liar will be calm and even helpful to the interviewer.