We all use laptops, well most of us use it and having used it for several years, you must have upgraded and gotten rid of the older one with an exchange or given it to your younger sibling. What if the laptop has developed a physical crack or is damaged beyond repair and it worth cents probably to a metal trader. What do you do with your beloved laptop that lies like a discarded toy in a corner while you start using a newer, more advanced one? Well, you can make more use of it than you thought. Here are 10 ways you can still make use of your laptop.

HP users will know that your laptop overheats so cook sunny side up eggs on your laptopCook breakfast

Have a pest problem? Catch mice with your laptopMouse trap

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Use it as a dust panDust pan

Ice on your windshield? Use it as a scrapperSnow scrapper

Too tired? Use it as a seatlaptop stool

Use it as a laptop lampLaptop lamp

Use it as a table tennis batLaptop table tennis

Crack those nuts with your laptopCrack those nuts

Build a home for a birdieBird house

Use it as a signboard to divert the crowdSign board

Photo Credits: BrainWreck