Before welcoming cacophonic Bollywood music, there was indeed a time when there was beautiful music. Back in the 1990s, pop artists namely Alisha Chinai, Baba Sehgal, Shweta Shetty were known for their hit songs which were anything but commercial, unlike today. Indi-pop music actually ruled the charts in India and was played at most of the budday parties. Let’s look at some of the chart busters of 90s which we heard and watched on TV:

Silk Route – Doobah Doobah Rehta Hoon
Mohit Chauhan’s smooth voice, soulful music and the underwater video makes this song a timeless hit. The music was sweetly melodic and brings out the best in everyone. Even criminals. Dooba Dooba remains Silk Route’s best number.

Euphoria- Dhoom
Delhi based rock band Euphoria rocked the nation with their first song itself. The song was extensively shot in Banaras ki galiya and launched Palash Sen’s career before he messed it up with a sexist comment at the IIT Bombay fest.

Junoon – Sayonee
Sayonee a was a groundbreaking hit by Pakistan sufi-rock band Junoon. The incredible song was top of the MTV and Channel V charts for quite a while, making Junoon the biggest music band coming from Pakistan.

Lucky Ali – O Sanam
This hit by Lucky Ali launched his career because he used to smoke hookah before the kids even discovered that it was cool. The soulful song accompanied with Ali’s melodious vocals is often considered to be one of the best Indi-pop songs ever.

Shaan and Sagarika – Aisa Hota Hai
A tan short of being called the Jackson brother and sister of India, brother-sister duo brought freshness to Indi-pop with foot tapping songs. This song would probably bring embarrassment to them right now but it’s hilarious to watch nonetheless. The song and the album also gave India a very talented singer-Shaan.

Suneeti Rao – Pari Hoon mein
‘Pari Hoon Main’, we all hummed along with her. Her husky voice seduced listeners for many years. Suneeta sang some very popular numbers, but she is best remembered for this song.

Alisha Chenoy – Made In India
Playing the typical bored princess who’s in search of an eligible suitor ‘Baby Doll’ Anisha Chinai took the country by storm with this hit. The video also stars ladie’s man – Milind Soman.

Strings – Anjane
Pakistan brought us this amazing rock song before a series of ceasefire violations. Strings brought this album quite late in 2000 but it just had the 90’s feel, probably cause they worked on it around then. Embodying a strong poetic sense, this song ushered a new revival in the music industry of Pakistan.

Shaan – Tanha Dil
This outstanding song still brings goosebumps to the listeners of the 90’s. The powerful song also combines very well with its profound video which depicts life’s journey and the bittersweet memories that one encounters on its way.

Shweta Shetty – Johnny Joker
Nothing says western pop more than this hit brought out by a certain Shweta Shetty. Shweta Shetty was highly instrumental in shaping the Indian pop scene around the 90’s before ditching for Germany. She was famous for performing songs for Bollywood films and appearing on television programs such as MTV India.

Baba Sehgal – Aaja Meri Gaadi Me Baith Ja
Today, if there was a rap battle between current star Yo Yo Honey Singh and India’s first rap artist – Baba Sehgal, there would be a lot of puking combined with awkward silences and a lot of confusion. But there’s no denying that Baba was a great musician when it came to dropping a beat.