In a dramatic and shocking video that has been doing the rounds on social media and trending shows an enormous python with a bloated belly. The python was spotted in Baihata Chariali village in Assam. Villagers gathered to see the 15-feet-long python as it struggled to move around on its belly. It seemed that the python had swallowed a goat whole and could not move around and hide in safety. In what followed another horrific treatment the python was tied with a rope round its neck by the villagers and chained to a vehicle to transport it to the forest officials.

Humans can be as beastly and cruel as animals and this proof comes out pretty often. The python which had swallowed a goat whole had not done anything other than its nature but the treatment that the villagers of Assam meted out to him was barbaric and shocking. The video was shared on YouTube and it quickly became one of the top trends. It was captioned, “Scores of villagers gathered in Baihata Chariali village in the northeastern state of Assam after they spotted a python struggling with a bloated belly. Some men dared and captured the wriggling creature and tied its head with a rope so they can hand it over to the forest officials.” Shocking: Crocodile tries to bite zookeeper’s head off during a stunt in Thailand (Watch video)
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The snake had entered the village from a nearby forest and had devoured a goat whole thereby angering the villagers. The villagers tied a rope around the snakes head and were seen prodding its tail.