Being alone is one of the worst (or best) things known to man. One of the characteristics of being alone is the people suffering from it don’t realise it (much like body odour which coincidently is one of the reasons some people are alone) Here is a test to see if you’re alone or not be honest even though honesty is another reason many people are alone:

1) You’d rather play video games than socialise with a majority of the people you’re closest to.

2) Your best friends are books, and you’re proud of it.

3) You talk to your pets.

4) Your pets talk to you.

5) You’ve gone alone for at least two movies this year.

6) You liked The Hobbit.

7) You have more than two cats.

8) You can’t sing, but do it anyway.

9) You think it’s cool to wear your cap backwards.

10) You don’t see what’s wrong with wearing socks with sandals.

11) You’re highly intelligent.

12) You’d rather sleep at night than go to clubs.

13) You spend more time on Facebook than outdoors.

14) You randomly join and leave social networking sites because you think people care.

15) You own more than three gaming consoles.