Amazing pictures from around the world never seize to take the breath out of our lungs. There are excellent images we see every day and then there are rare images that a photographer lives for which comes out exactly you would want it to or maybe even better going beyond the simply exemplary results we can expect.

Here is a collection of 19 images which are not only great but have a very deep meaning to how beautiful and vibrant our world really is-

1. Glasswinged Butterfly in Costa Rica

2. A cruise ship squeezes through the Corinth Canal

3. A ship tows an iceberg near Newfoundland

4. Gulf of Alaska where 2 oceans meet but do not mix

5. Stained Glass

6. An elephant stands in the ocean near the coast of Africa

7. The morning sun melts the ice off the top of Mount Everest

8. The Milky Way Galaxy behind Mount Fuji

9. The Monticello Dam Drain Hole, California

10. A diver between two tectonic plates, Iceland

11. Bigar Waterfall, Romania

12. Meteor shower, Colarado

13. Camels walking along a beach in Australia

14. Naturally made boulders that are near perfect spheres, New Zealand

15. Sakurajima Volcano erupts violently in Japan

16. The sun rising over the Great Wall of China

17. The Chimney Rock, USA

18. The sun setting down and reflecting off a wave in California, USA 19. The best sand sculpture in the world