Each country has it’s own set of laws and there are some that are so weird and bizarre, they just do not make any sense at all. They seem like a joke on first viewing but when you ask around, you realise that they actually are true and valid laws! In India, we have our own set of rules and laws too – some strange, some outdated but definitely laughter inducing. While most of the times this is because these laws were passed long ago and now no longer make sense with the change in times and advanced technology, there are some whose origins are absolutely unknown as is the reason for their being passed. Let’s take a look at some funny laws in countries across the world.

1. Swimming pool bicycles

In Baldwin Park, California, it is illegal to ride bicycles inside a swimming pool! It is one of the most baffling laws and makes us wonder as to how the administrators even thought of it in the first place!


unwater cycling


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2. Dancing cars

Well in Detroit, couples are banned from having sex or making out in their cars unless the car is parked on their own property! Wonder what PK would do without dancing cars and how he would hunt clothes!


Dancing Car


3. No Needle law

In Denmark, women are not allowed to carry needles longer than 15cms on public transport! Though it sounds funny now, in older days it referred to hat-pins and other pins that might accidentally poke and hurt other passengers.




4. No feeding pigeons

In San Francisco, it is illegal to feed pigeons! The residents believe pigeons spread around diseases and other health problems. If you’re caught feeding pigeons, you have to pay a fine and residents even report people feeding pigeons to the police!


Feeding Pigeons


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5. No change

In Canada, shopkeepers can refuse to accept payment if the person pays a large amount through coins! It’s legal and they can hand you over to the authorities if you persist! Clearly, while we Indians love our chutta, Canadians have too much of it!




6. Islam only!

In the Maldives, it is illegal to openly profess any religion other than Islam and this applies to tourists as well. It is illegal to carry any religious text in and around the country. This means no Gita or Bible but only the Quran!




7. No saying cheese!

If you ever plan to visit Kazakhstan, take that ‘mobiles off’ rule very strictly in flights. In the country, clicking pictures in and around airports – yes even selfies – is prohibited. The same rule applies to official buildings and military buildings.




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8. No drinking

While many countries frown upon women who drink and it is not socially acceptable, in Bolivia, it is illegal for a married woman to drink more than one glass of wine. Errrm what?!




9. More women laws

In Florida, if you’re an unmarried, divorced or widowed (basically single for any reason) woman, you cannot go sky-diving only on a Sunday! Because, it beings out the worst in them, Sunday does!


Image Credit: Getty Images
Image Credit: Getty Images


10. Happy birthday!

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday! We’re sure the law-passer was just an irate husband who had had an earful for forgetting his darling’s birthday. And why leave out the anniversaries then?


Blowing Candles


11. No bubblegum

While in many countries it is illegal to smoke in public places, Singapore takes the rule a little further and has banned even gum chewing in public places! What if you just stick gum all over Singapore walls and make them all gummy? Forget chewing gum, shops aren’t even allowed to sell gum without medical prescription!



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12. The health laws

It is illegal to be fat in Japan! What?! Say what again?! Wait, have the Japanese not looked at their Sumo wrestlers? And hey, who defines fat? How fat is fat?!


Sumo Wrestlers


13. Paisa paisa

In many countries, paper or currency is valued and respected and generally treated with a lot of care. But Thailand takes the rule a step further. It is illegal to step on money in Thailand! Umm, what if step on it accidentally on the road? Pay a fine what that same money, we guess!


Spitting Coins


14. Ssssh silence!

Capri, Italy, hates noise so much that they cannot even stand the smallest of sounds – like that of footwear. So, noisy footwear like flip-flops and squeaky kids shoes aren’t allowed. And what about the clickety clack of heels, eh?


flip flops


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15. Parental care

It is illegal for children to abandon their parents or not visit them often in China! We quite like this one but what if the parents and the children both don’t genuinely want to meet? This is one law we would like to see in India though!


Kissing Forehead


16. Bow wow!

You have to stay straight-faced and not make faces at a dog, however adorable the dog might be or however terrified you might be – making faces at a dog in Oklahoma is illegal!


17. Stay alive

However bored you might be and however much you hate your cronies, it is illegal for you to die in the Parliament House in the UK. This absolutely trumps the cake when it comes to the bizarre laws!


British Parliament


18. Men vs women

In Minnesota, people aren’t allowed to hang male and female inners on the same clothes-line!!! Talk of sexism! What are they worried about – the clothes getting too close and making out?




19. No kinky!

In Arizona, you cannot possess more than 2 vibrators in your home. If you have more than 2, you can be arrested. But umm, what if it’s three females living under the same roof?!