Every youngster who is at the marriageable age is often asked the questions related to their marriage and the most common question of them all is ‘When are you getting married’. But ever wondered what if this question can annoy someone so much that they can commit a murder? On 19 January 2018, a 28-year-old man murdered a pregnant lady who was his neighbor for repeatedly asking the suspect, “When are you getting married?” This outrageous incident took place in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia.

According to the reports, 28-year-old Faiz Nurdin killed a 32-year-old pregnant woman named Aisyah. Faiz was sitting in front of his house when Aisyah came to talk to him. The suspect revealed that the woman said, “Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?” According to the police spokesperson, these words offended the suspect and encouraged him to kill his neighbor.

man kills his neighbour

After the ‘offensive’ conversation, the suspect came up with the plan to murder her. Later during the same day, Faiz visited her house and was invited to her living room. Then he followed the Aisyah to her room, pushed her onto the bed and strangled with her bare hands. Meanwhile, the pregnant lady tries to fight for her own life by biting his fingers but Faiz was too strong for her.

After committing the crime, the suspect stole cash amount of $59, victim’s Smartphone and fled the scene Kalideres, Jakarta but the police were able to find him and shot his leg.

According to the reports, the suspect will be facing life imprisonment once he is convicted of the crime.