What separates us from the animals is largely our ability to create tools to make our lives easier or better, or blow each other to kingdom come. Many if not most of our endeavors to successfully create cool stuff have resulted in failure several times before ending in success. Some vehicles are completely ridiculous but others are brilliant. Many of these weird vehicles are not known to the public, not because they’re a secret but because most people don’t bother to read, some of these vehicles, all of which have working prototypes (others are already in production) will amaze the average reader (that’s you in case it isn’t clear).  Here is a list of what we consider some of the most amazing, futuristic types of vehicles out there:

1) Flying car- Ever since we saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we as humans have been fascinated by the concept of flying cars, i.e. vehicles capable of flight, which are small, do not require runways and have no visible propulsion systems like rotors or wings. There exist some working prototypes of flying cars today, but they’re all still in their infancy and it’s unlikely that we’ll be flying to the supermarket by car any time soon.

But they do exist, and that’s the point we’re trying to make.

2) Jet pack- Jetpacks have been invented there have been numerous successful flights but they’re far from the sci-fi Hollywood stuff you have in mind, in reality they have a very limited flight time and are dangerous. It’s been stated that jetpacks aren’t practical and helicopters are more efficient, but let’s face it helicopters are cool and all but nothing looks more badass than a jetpack which is why humanity is (or should be) striving to create a fully functional jetpack so we can fly to all fly to school.

3) Jump Jet- Imagine an airplane that can take off without a run way, hover and even fly backwards. There exists such an amazing aircraft, it’s called the Harrier and is a British fighter jet which was developed in the 1960’s though it’s still in service today. There also exists a helicopter that can turn into an airplane; this is called the V-22 Osprey. Both these vehicles have the advantages of airplanes and helicopters without the various disadvantages that the two aircraft types have, for example airplanes require runways to take off and land and can’t hover, while helicopters are slow, both of which are severe limitations in a war (both the V-22 and Harrier are military vehicles)