Childhood was a good time for most of us, being 90’s kids we witnessed the advent of the internet, video games, pokemon and DVDs. One of the few things we shared with the generations before us is we had access to some amazing literature specifically for children. These books transported us to different worlds in the shoes of amazing people, something at the sake of sounding like a book snob, television and videogames fail to do. For all their fancy graphics and high resolution they fail to even compare to the power of a child’s imagination. Here are some books you should force your children to read whether they like it or not:

1) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum) – This book is set in a fantasy world called Oz, when Dorothy a young girl from Kansas lands up there after her house is hit by  tornado, she must now make her way across this new land in search of the wizard who lives at Emerald City who is the only person who can help her get home, Dorothy is accompanied by a scarecrow who wants a brain, a tinman who wants a heart and a lion who wants courage. Dorothy must face the evil wicked witch of the west. The book differs greatly from the movie particularly towards the end, and while the film itself is a masterpiece, it doesn’t even being to compare with the book.

2) Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift) – This book is of the adventure’s of Gulliver, a merchant sailor who keeps getting into trouble and landing up in new, bizarre worlds, the book is a satire- fantasy and was published in 1726. The book has four parts for the four different lands Gulliver visits (Lilliput is only one of them) each of which is exotic in it’s own right, one is a land of little people, one of giants, one of extremely advanced men and one of horses. It is not only a classic, but also a very thought provoking and fantastical work.

3) Matilda (Roald Dahl) – Roald Dahl has written several great books for children like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and the BFG but Matilda is greater still simply because it is funnier yet more serious, simpler and yet more complex than the rest. Matilda is the story of a young girl whose parents don’t really care about her (though that’s what all young girls claim) but is a prodigy. Her dad is a crook who puts sawdust in the engines of used cars which he sells to customers. Her Principal is a scary woman who bullies the students and the only person in the world who seems to care about Matilda is her teacher Miss Honey. This book is not only hilarious, but like all of Dahl’s other books it can be read numerous times without it losing any of it’s charm.