Urban legends are the modern equivalent of ancient myths, proof that we’re still no more advanced socially than our ancestors. Urban Legends are false stories that many people think are true because of wide circulation through word of mouth, emails and now social networking sites. Urban legends have no evidence behind them and are mostly created to scare people. They often start with the story teller telling his audience that the story actually happened to a “friend of a friend” and that’s how the story spreads. Here are some classic urban legends you may have heard, but probably (hopefully) aren’t really true: (Read: 9 ghost stories that will give you sleepless nights!)

1) Alligators in the sewer- This is a legend in New York City that alligators live in the sewers. The story goes that some people in New York wanted to keep pet alligators, which they got from Florida, but they couldn’t take care of them so they did the logical thing, by throwing them in the sewer, where they successfully lived and breeded, the sewers and continue to thrive to this day. This myth has been part of urban folklore as early as the 1930’s and is one of the most famous Urban Legends. In reality however there are no alligators in the New York sewers simply because the conditions aren’t suitable for animals as large as alligators. The story is a hoax.

2) The Back seat Killer- In this story a woman is driving her car late at night when she notices a suspicious looking car following her, the woman tries to escape but the car is in hot pursuit with it’s lights all flashing, the woman calls the police to her house which she drives too, she stops the car, gets out and runs, she turns around to look at the stranger who points at her car, it’s only then she realises that the person in the other car was trying to signal her, because there was a man in the backseat of her car with a knife ready to stab her.

3) The Hook- In this story, a man and Performance his girlfriend go for a drive to a forest to do whatever young couples like doing in forested areas.  They’re interrupted when they hear a radio report of a dangerous killer with a hook for a hand who has escaped from a nearby prison. The girl panics and asks her boyfriend to drive home, reluctantly the man concedes to his girlfriend’s request that they leave immediately, and speeds off. When the couple return home they discover a bloody hook hanging from the handle of the car door.