3 Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly

In today’s world, everybody is getting figure conscious. Slim is the new cool. Slim is equal to looking good. Well, what if you are not and you still want to look stunning for an evening party or a late night clubbing plan. This are 3 simple strategies that you can use to cover up that extra fat and deceive the audience by looking slimmer than what you actually are.

Shape Wear Magic

Invest in some quality shape-wear. It will smoothen your curves, tighten your figure and give your body a slimmer finish. If you feel your arms are too fat, cover it up with a sexy sheer full sleeved top or shrug to avoid feeling hot. Vertical striped clothes should be preferred as they would make you look thinner whereas avoid wearing horizontal stripes as that would make the people perceive your body wider than it normally is.

Sky High Heels

Nothing works better than a pair of delicious, sky-high heels. They not only add height and make you look slimmer but also check your body language and most importantly, make you feel like a super star. Stilettos are your best bet, but wedges, block heels and platform sandals can save you if you’re out of practice.

 Color Games

Colors can be very tricky, and black will always be beautiful and slimming. You could also go for darker shades of your favorite colors or color block styles for looking slim. If you are quite plump, avoid wearing too much of flashy neons as they would direct the line of sight to the unwanted curves that would stand out in neon