Nokia today introduced the Nokia X OS; an Android based operating system that would power the new line of Nokia X Series smartphones which combines the back-end of Android and an UI that seems borrowed straight from the Windows Mobile 8, that Nokia has been backing in recent years.

Nokia has launched the Nokia X Series which will run this new OS. All these devices come with the same Lumia design  philosophy but with lower end processors, a very basic camera, much less RAM and a memory card slot. Will the Nokia latest’s Android powered smartphone the Nokia X, be your next phone? Here are 4 reasons why you should buy the Nokia X:

1) Nokia’s strength continues to lie in its ability to build low budget phones combined with great build quality and a powerful battery, something that most other manufacturers have failed to do so. Coupled with the brand’s strong roots in India even among the rural folks, this phone may be the key to Nokia’s fortunes in the developing markets.

2) The ability to install apps built for Android will be a big boon for Nokia, as it continues to be bogged down by the rather poor number of apps available for the Windows OS, that its Lumia line of phones currently runs. Android currently has over 11 lakh apps designed for the operating system!

3) The phone would leverage the flexibility of Androids great app ecosystem while adding services that Microsoft and Nokia have excelled at in recent times. The suite of applications Nokia plans to install in place of the Google made apps which include HERE Maps, Skype and OneDrive could very well have Nokia beating Google at its own game!

4) While the phones may be a tad bit slow, they are great for accessing the internet, using messaging apps like Whatsapp and other mundane tasks that current budget phones from other brands cannot perform.