Suresh Raina showed off his inked finger

Well, it’s that time of the election cycle again when people whose sole contribution to the nation is getting up slightly early on a holiday and pressing a button can finally feel good about themselves. So while the results of the polls are being tallied we ordinary people must put up with our annoying self righteous friends who act like they’ve cured cancer simply because they’ve done what they’re supposed to do.

There’s noting more annoying than seeing people putting up pictures of their inked fingers declaring they’re better than everyone else.  If you’re one of those, please read the following reasons as to why you shouldn’t show off about having voted:

1) It’s really not that much work: The whole act of going to vote takes literally no more than a few minutes. Seriously, that’s all you have to do. We only have Lok Sabha elections like this every five years. Going to the polling station which is no more than a few hundred metres from your house isn’t a gargantuan task (unless of course you live in a disturbed area in which case kudos)

2) The Election Commission has declared than anyone taking selfies in the polling booth will be thrown in jail for 3 months. Which is , in our opinion should be applied to anywhere in general because selfies are the epitome of narcissism.

3) People who didn’t vote often have valid reasons for not voting, for example migrants to other cities cannot vote in the city they stay in, they can only vote in their hometown. This is a huge reason for people being unable to vote.

4) Not voting, provide it’s for a genuine reason, doesn’t mean you’re a bad citizen, a hypocrite or somehow responsible for corruption like the social media will have you believe.