Don’t “Hasselhoff” others with your sweaty armpits.

When you are out for a nice evening date or a marriage or an important meeting, the last thing you want is to worry about a big blob of wet sweat stain around your armpit. This season follow the following strategies to avoid the undesirable sweat:

1- Use antiperspirant, Talc and Deo: During summers, one can use a combination of all these three to prevent perspiration and odor. An antiperspirant will prevent you from sweating. The talc, will create a layer between the skin and the sweat and is another moisture protection. Deo, lastly, will allow you to eliminate the foul odor that you may have owing to the perspiration.

2- Buy Under Arm Sweat Pads: Not many people know about this, but one can buy these sweat pads so that the sweat is absorbed and no satin is visible on clothing.

3- Zinc Supplements: To naturally reduce sweat altogether, it is suggested to take zinc supplements with a glass of milk . Although before taking any supplements, it is advised that you once consult you doctor.

4- Avoid Tight Clothes: Body tight clothes may cause sweat stain in a matter of minutes. Hence, even for comfort, wear loose clothes.