Batman, created by DC Comics has completed 75 years and lasting for over 7 decades is no joke. Unlike the rather distasteful experiments done with older Batman movies, Christopher Nolan has taken the icon to greater heights worthy of a Hall of Fame in our minds with Christian Bale playing the perfect mix of the protector and billionaire playboy.

If you watch the older films than you will find a lot of goofy scenes but with the latest avatar of Batman, people got the icon they deserved.

Here are the top 5 scenes from Nolan’s enterprise that made it such a popular series despite being around for decades.
5. Batman gets a taste of what Gordon feels every time Batman abruptly vanishes

In a rare does of humour and self-awareness when Batman has probably met the right woman for him who is also a match for him and pulls similar tricks like the Batman does on people.
4. The Bat Pod makes its first appearance

Everyone knew that an epic new vehicle was going to be there in the movie but when Batman’s Tumbler is totaled he flicks some buttons, pulls some manly handles and with the Tumbler self-destructing in the back, the left wheels of the Tumbler come out of the vehicle to form one of the meatiest motorcycles ever created.

3. Probably the best dialogue by the Dark Knight in the entire series

Batman busts his way through a car park to stop an ongoing drug deal when he encounters men posing as Batman using guns against the drug dealer and his goons. He ties everybody for the police to arrest them and he is leaving when one of the copycats asks the real Batman the difference between them. The answer is legendary in every single way.

2. Bruce Wayne still stands by the principles of Batman even if it means he has to protect those who don’t deserve it

Bruce Wayne tries to track down the threat within the Gotham Police by driving around in his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 when he spots a driver trying to ram the truck transporting the man who claims to reveal the true identity of the Batman as Bruce Wayne.

1. Batman becomes the Dark Knight which Gotham deserves, not one which it needs

Christopher Nolan may have been criticized for not focusing his Batman movies mostly on Batman but the complexity of the situation where the people will ridicule the Batman for thinking that he killed Harvey Dent, their chance at making Gotham a better place. But what they don’t realize is that Harvey Dent had become everything that he swore to put behind bars and to keep his ideology alive, Batman had to take the fall.