There comes a time in a mans life when he has to show off the books he’s read. These are the 5 most brilliant books ever written and well worth reading, especially if you’re a book snob who keeps telling people the movie was not as good as the book.

1) Lord of the Flies– Written by William Golding this book was an instant classic. It involves a bunch of young boys getting stranded on an deserted island. While this may sound like the beginning of  a cheesy 90’s movie don’t be fooled. This book shows the boys degenerate into a bunch of savages and involves child murder, brutality and arson which for some reason is worse when kids do it to each other. This book, though extremely pessimistic is a masterpiece as far as books on human nature is concerned. The book also shows the battle between civilization and savagery in which the latter prevails. It’s thrilling yet horrific, captivating yet repulsive, a book you have to read.

2) 1984– A masterpiece by George Orwell, this book is based on a future (actually past considering 1984 already happened) society where there is absolutely no freedom and the state controls everything. Absolutely everything. There are three empires that are fighting over the entire world. The whole of Britain is controlled by Big Brother. Everything everyone does is closely monitored (*cough* NSA). People who don’t conform or are suspected of not conforming disappear without a trace and become “unpersons” with no evidence they ever existed. This book is gripping and fun to read especially if you’re interested in thrillers or political science.

3) Animal Farm- Another book by Orwell.. In this book a group of farm animals revolt against their human master and take control his farm This revolution is successful but the pigs, who are the revolutions leaders begin growing autocratic and oppressing the other animals and terrorizing them. The pigs eventually take to walking upright and wearing human clothes and sleeping on beds. This is essentially a jibe at the Russian revolution but is applicable to any human revolution or political party. It also make you sound really clever when you say it out loud.

4) Around the World in 80 Days- Written by Jules Verne in the 19th century when the airplane was still a distant dream. This book was practically sci-fi in it’s day. Today it’s retro but still very entertaining and full of suspense though sadly there’s no mention of Jackie Chan and karate fights. This book will make you feel nostalgic since it comes from a time when twerking could be punished by a public flogging.

5) To Kill a Mockingbird- Written by Harper Lee in the 1960’s this book is about a lawyer in 1930’s Alabama called to defend a black man accused of raping a white girl. This book is narrated by a girl named Scout as a childhood memory. This book provides an excellent insight into life in the southern US during the 30’s and race relations.