Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, he’s acted in some of the greatest movies and has one of the largest fan bases. He’s starred in some of the most famous movies of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s. Here is a list of movies which we regard as Tom Cruise’s best:

1) Top Gun (1986)- This is perhaps Tom Cruise’s most famous movies ever, and is certainly one of his best. It’s about a fighter pilot named Lieutenant Pete Mitchell better known as Maverick, he’s reckless but gifted and is selected to attend the navy’s FighterWeaponsSchool also known as “Top Gun”. While at the school, Maverick starts a romantic relation with his instructor (who’s a lady named Charlotte Blackwood). Mavericks approach to flying is criticized by his colleagues and instructors yet they all secretly respect them, including Maverick’s biggest rival, Iceman. The movie doesn’t really have a plot, it just flows, it’s still amazing and is just one of those movies everyone has to watch.

2) The Last Samurai (2003)- Tom Cruise plays  Captain Nathan Algren of the US army, he suffers from PTSD after fighting in wars against the Indians (not us, the Native Americans). Algren meets his former commanding officer who invites him to Japan to help train new Japanese army, they also are planning to strike a deal with the Japanese that their army would be supplied fully (and only by) the US. Algren is captured in a battle against the samurai who are opposed to the Westernization of Japan, he eventually sides with his captors. After Top Gun, this is Cruise’s best movie.

3) Mission Impossible (1996)- This movie is based on a TV show of the same name, it’s about a spy named Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) who has been framed for the murder of his team. He is an IMF agent, i.e. the Impossible Missions Force and not the International Monetary Fund. Hunt has to find out who framed him. This is one of the best spy movies of all time and has three sequels (though they weren’t as good, they were still watchable).

4) Knight and Day (2010)- As opposed to most of Tom Cruise’s hard core action/ thriller movies, this is an action- comedy, the best genre known to man. Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller a secret agent (he does a lot of secret agent roles when you come to think about it) and Cameron Diaz plays June Havens an innocent woman who gets caught up in a huge conspiracy after meeting Cruise. This movie is a mix between an action movie and a chick flick and thus appeals to everyone.

5) Valkyrie (2008)- In this movie, Cruise plays Colonel von Stauffenberg, it’s a historical thriller about Stauffenberg’s (along with several high ranking German officers) plot to kill Hitler (with a briefcase bomb)  and bring World War 2 to an end. It’s a well made film and very intriguing even though everyone knows exactly what’s going to happen. Spolier: The plot fails and everyone involved is executed. Despite this fact, it’s still a movie worth watching at least three times.