We have heard all about crime and how even the smallest of the clues can lead the brilliant minds that the government has appointed to protect the citizens. Most of the times even the best of the criminals seem to leave behind a certain clue or evidence that can get them into trouble. Over the years we have heard the above two lines again and again in movies and certain crime based TV serials, but then over the years there have been numerous cases that have still remained a mystery and the criminals in these cases have yet not been identified even after years of investigation and research.

Here we take a look at some of the most mysterious and creepy murder mysteries over the years.

1. The Tamam Shud case

 In 1948on the 1st of December at the Somerton beach in Adelaide Australia, an unidentified man was found dead at around 6.30 in the morning. There was a small piece of paper in his pocket was scrap of paper that read the words ‘Tamam Shud’, which literally means finished or ended when translated into English.

Now ordinarily, this should have been a normal murder case, but things took a turn towards the creepy side when they could find no records whatsoever of the man’s existence. He was not a citizen of Australia, nor was he a tourist. A week later after his murder the book from which the scrap of paper which read Tamam Shud was torn in the back seat of a taxi cab.

People thought that this might just help the police in solving the case; but well things only got weird as all that the police found was another set of codes that lead to, try to guess it if you can; absolutely nothing. The case is still considered to be among the most mysterious and talked about criminal cases in Australian history.

2. Jack the Ripper

It won’t be a lie if one said that Jack the Ripper hold’s a celebrity status in the United Kingdom, although for the wrong reasons. Jack the Ripper is the name given to a serial killer active in poor London communities in 1888. There are 5 “canonical” murders with strong ties to Jack the Ripper, though 11 murders overall have been variously tied to the same figure.

The style of Murder was to slash his victims’ (mostly female sex workers) throats and viciously mutilate the rest of their bodies, occasionally removing some of the victims’ organs. The precision with which organ removal was done led some to believe Jack the Ripper had medical expertise. Several letters purporting to be from Jack himself were publicized around the time of the murders, including the one that appointed the name “Jack the Ripper,” though this one was later said to be a hoax.

Another letter, known as the “From Hell Letter,” in which the author claimed to have fried and eaten half of a victim’s kidney, was thought to be authentic. Many people were suspected but none convicted, with one of the suspects belonging from the royalties.

3. The Zodiac killer: These bizarre and notorious killings are one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time, second only to the top contender Jack the Ripper. The ‘Zodiac Killer,’ as the Murderer came to be known, was involved in the killings around the San Francisco area from 1968 to 1969, though he may have been involved in other murders before.

He had killed seven people, four men and three women and taunted the police with coded, clue-laden messages that he sent out to San Francisco newspapers for over a decade. The authorities could not find a lead to the Murderer although they had a number of suspects in their mind, a number that was around 2500.

4. The Black Dahlia murder case:

This is a moniker given to a 22-year old aspiring starlet named Elizabeth Short, due to her dark hair and wardrobe, who was the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder. She was found mutilated, sliced with surgical precision and drained of blood on January 15, 1947 in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. It’s one of the oldest unsolved cases in LA criminal history and to this day the case remains open.

5. The Lead mask case:

This case got creepier as the authorities went about doing their investigation about the two victims. On August 17, 1966 two repairmen, Miguel Jose Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz, left Campos dos Gostacazes, Brazil to buy some supplies for a car. Three days later they were found dead by a teenager in Vintem Hill. The odd thing about the case was the fact that both men were wearing identical impermeable suits and lead eye masks with no holes like the one worn to protect from radiation.

Found on the scene was a Water bottle, couple of towels and a notebook that read “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.” Not to mention the fact that the note resulted into absolutely nothing and any lead to the suspects or anything remotely related to the murder or suicide is yet to be found.