You think Burj Khalifa is the tallest building mankind has ever thought of. You think the space station was the craziest thing NASA ever thought of to make space travel easy. Well friends think again. Here is a list of the craziest ideas and plans ever put forward to solve various problems. Of course most of these ideas never resulted in anything, you know why? , because….. They were crazy!!!

1.      The space elevator-

This idea was put forward by various countries in 1959 in order to make space travel easier. Wonder if it’s the same thing that you thought of after hearing the name, yes of course. Estimated height of the project is 100,000 kilometers!!! Yes your reaction is justified, they were crazy. Not to mention they are still considering the idea.

2.      X_SEED 4000-

The x-seed 4000 in Japan is the largest envisioned building ever. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the height of this building is 4000 meters, with a sea base of width 6 km and could accommodate 500,000 to I million people!!  Yes I know they are crazy.

3.     Tunnel under strait of Sicily-

This is a proposed project to connect the land masses across the strait of Sicily via a tunnel road. The distance between these two landmasses is 120 kilometers and the tunnel is supposed to go through 4 artificial islands build by the debris of the tunnel itself!!

4. The American- Russian rail project-

This is a proposed project which was put forward by Russia according to which the continent of North America would be connected to Russia via a railway line, oil and gas pipe-line and a fiber link. Sounds normal right? Here’s the crazy part, they plan to do this by constructing a tunnel through the frozen Bering Strait.

5.     Lunar settlement-

I know this is the one you all have already heard of. But think about the possibilities of this plan actually materializing. Think about the number of hurdles that the scientists, Architects, engineers and the eventual dwellers would have to face. If it comes off one day, hats off to them, till then though all I can say is that…it’s crazy.