Would you ever have Baby Mice Wine?

For those of you who are self righteous vegetarians we strongly recommend that you read this article and thank your lucky stars you don’t live in a country where people eat some of the foods on our list. For those of you who are normal and consume the flesh of helpless animals (which is what keeps us up at the top of the food chain) this list will give you a chance to try new food you wouldn’t normally know even existed. (Read: Weird drinks from the world that you’ll never dare to try)

In India we have a very limited range of meat products we consume, even eating pork is considered hardcore, we have absolutely no idea what being a meat eater really is all about, here’s a list of actual meat products people from other countries consume:

1) Fugu, Japan- This is one of the most dangerous foods known to man (except if you consider your sister’s cooking). It is the meat of the pufferfish, the pufferfish is extremely poisonous and can be lethal to the consumer if it is not cleaned properly. Only specially trained chefs are authorised to prepare it. Still quite a few people have died consuming this dangerous meal.

2) Baby Mice Wine, Korea- No this isn’t a witty name for a wine product, it’s actually a wine bottle with dead baby mice in it. This is supposed to have medicinal properties and is one look at the bottle is a sure way to get people to quit drinking permanently.

3) Fried Tarantulas ,Cambodia- This is neither lethal nor particularly disturbing like the previous contenders on the list. It’s a Cambodian delicacy and no eating spiders won’t give you powers.

4) Grasshoppers- Grasshoppers are consumed in several countries throughout the world, so many in fact that we haven’t even heard of half of them. The grasshoppers are fried and sold, usually as street food. They are supposed to be extremely tasty quite similar to prawns.

5) Kakari, Iceland- While eating shark isn’t that weird the way this dish is prepared totally is. The shark is cut to pieces and allowed to ferment underground for a few months and then hung out to dry for even more months before being served.