After the widely infamous and unnecessarily hilarious interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami on Times Now for their interview show ‘Frankly Speaking with Arnab’, it is time for the man who seems to have given the political forces other than BJP a reason to unite against him, Narendra Modi will share his views on everything that matters on Times Now tonight at 9 pm.

Social media has gone abuzz especially after the last interview with Narendra Modi’s potential opposing force for the run to the Prime Minister’s post when the dust settles on May 16th after probably the biggest election to decide the fate for the largest democracy in the world. (Read: Rahul Gandhi’s interview that set the trend of hilarious interviews)

It should be a good contest of words with the pseudo stand of Arnab Goswami asking questions on what he wants to know while claiming the curiosity of the nation against the wit and might of BJP’s candidate to become the next prime minister, Narendra Modi. The interview comes at a very crucial time before the 9th phase elections take place which will be the last day that Indians vote in Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

If tonight’s interview is to predicted, it could very well be in these 5 ways. Have a look how the interview might pan out:-

The Rahul Gandhi Show

Women Empowerment, RTI, Lokpal is what the Congress Vice-President; Rahul Gandhi could blabber throughout the episode. Mostly, every answer to Arnab’s question was answered with just three words. The interview proved to be a body blow to the Congress party as not only did Rahul Gandhi failed, but he failed so bad that he is the butt of the jokes, till date. Like a kid being pushed to the wall and is made to anything, Rahul was virtually lost in the interview. On one instance, he was so much bullied that he accepted that some Congressmen were involved in the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots. So does the viewer anticipate another Rahul Gandhi-like show tonight?

The Raj Thackeray Show

The no-nonsense politician from Maharashtra of MNS, Raj Thackeray, participated on the interview-show last month. The viewers were on for a treat. This time the tables were turned on Arnab. The nation-wants-to-know man had a taste of his own medicine. The facial expressions and the battered pauses, said it all. Thackeray who is very straight forward and fierce in his approach, not once in the whole episode let Arnab take over. Life is a full circle, learned Arnab that day. So are we in for another Arnab bashing tonight?

The Last Time Modi Show

The last time (in 2009) Narendra Modi was interviewed by Arnab, the latter was smartly silenced. The sharp-witted questions were answered astutely. Modi who wasn’t the face of the party (BJP) then answered each of Arnab’s questions with the same ferocity. Moreover, as it wasn’t the Frankly Speaking Show, its remains of less significance. Both the interviewer and interviewee tonight have covered a lot of ground and are of undisputed personality in their own fields. So the question time; is it going to be the same show as it was last time?

The traditional Arnab or Modi’s Show

We well know how Arnab Goswami grills (or atleast tries to) his participants. The high-voiced questions, the irrelevant counter questions, the repeated allegations or the nation wants to know theory in his interview is nothing new. Whereas on the other hand, Modi is often seen preaching his ideology and answering allegations (he thinks so) in the recent series of interviews he has done. Will it be another traditional-cum-boring show tonight?

The Flamboyant One

Politicians are often seen cussing about their opponents in their interviews and the hosts trying to fetch that one phrase, which would make their headlines; which dulls the interview. Tonight’s interview should be a bit of all. A bit of Rahul-Raj-Modi-Traditionalilty in one interview would sure spice up the night.

With the interview is slated to be broadcasted tonight before the polling happens on 12th May. Whatever the way the interview goes one thing is sure, either the BJP or TIMES NOW is in for a sleepless night.