The past was a time when monsters ruled the land sea and air, we as humans (fortunately) never encountered them. From 50 foot sharks to sloths the size of elephants, here are a list of some creatures straight from hell itself:

1) MegalodonMegalodon

Ever seen Jaws? Well if you thought great whites were scary this monster takes it to a whole new level. It was between 49- 59 feet long and ate whales for breakfast. Its jaws could open wide enough to swallow a mid sized car. If that wasn’t bad enough it died out only 1.5 million years ago. Little is known about megalodon because sharks don’t fossilize, since their skeletons are mostly cartilage, all we know about this creature is because of its fossilized teeth. Just when you thought it was safe to back in the water…..

2) DeinosuchusDeinosuchus

Imagine an alligator. Scary, right? Now imagine an alligator 40 feet long that eats dinosaurs, terrifying. Deinosuchus lived at around the same time as the legendary T-rex and they may have well battled each other for survival. As if that wasn’t scary enough there were two other species of crocodilians which were roughly the same size as Deinosuchus but from different time periods. Fortunately for us this beast died out 73 million years ago, see you later alligator.

3) SpinosaurusSpinosaurus

This was the largest carnivorous dinosaur know, it was over 50 feet long and weighed 9 tons, though it’s believed it to have eaten mainly fish. This dinosaur had huge scales on its back. You may recognize it from Jurassic Park 3; it’s the dinosaur that snaps the T-rex’s neck! The dinosaur has a crocodile like skull structure which frankly makes it look a whole lot scarier.

4) Short Faced BearShort Faced Bear

While it’s name may sound like the punch line to a joke this bear could weigh up to a ton. It died out only around 11,000 years which means it most certainly came in contact with people and it most certainly scared the hell out of them. It was among the largest predatory land mammals ever to have lived. We guarantee that if saw one of these in real life you’d never look at your teddy bear the same way again.

5) QuetzalcoatlusQuetzalcoatlus

As terrifying as it’s difficult to pronounce. This prehistoric pterosaur had a forty foot wingspan and was as tall as a giraffe. The creature is so big they named it after a Mesoamerican God. We have little idea how these beasts lived and what they ate, and to be honest we don’t want to find out.