The auspicious month of Ramadan has begun and with it begins the fasting time. The Long Rozas and the much awaited Iftar party fills our memory lanes and the hardships of the days seem to become easier. However there are some problems that every person keeping Roza faces. Here are five problems only a Rozdar can get.

1. Not Sleeping at night

Well it is different to be insomniac and not be able to sleep at night, but just imagine trying to stay awake through the nights waiting for the clock to tick 4.30 and do Sehri, because it is almost always impossible to wake up early.

2. Seriously? Not even Water?

You always have those people around you who keep offering juice, tea, coffee or water as you are fasting. While they intend to do good, unaware of the fasting method, all it does is make you feel more thirsty and grumpy.

3. The new found Ramadan Apps

While you might not give so much attention to the time on normal days, Ramadan is that time where you count every minute and check your phone for every Namaz and eagerly wait for Iftari. And what better way to do so than use one of the many accurate apps that give you the perfect reminder.

4. The quench of Cold Water

After a long hard day of fast, there is nothing more soothing than a bottle of ice cold water. Even if you are normally a regular water person, during Ramadan Cold water becomes a necessity in Iftari.

5. The “is it good to become thin” questions

Every Rozdar has come across at least one person who has asked that question. As tempting as it may be for those obsessed with losing weight by starving, fasting and Roza is not for that. In fact the irregular timings and the increased appetite might just help you gain a few pounds and also help appreciate what you have and feel empathy for those who don’t.