No matter how much preparation you have done for your date, you never know when your date would turn out to be a boring date. If it happens with you and you find yourself stuck in a boring date, we give you five interesting tips to come out from it. (Read: The Secret To Have A Perfect Date)

Call from the Boss: Text any of your friend and ask them to call. Then pretend that your boss is calling. You could give it a reality touch and be smarter by not taking first two calls. Then take a third one making excuse that your boss is calling repeatedly so it must be important. Then you can say that there is some important work that needs to be done now and in this way you can get out from there.

Sickness: If you have fear that you would not be able to act over phone then pretend to be restless. Go to restroom for two three times and make expressions that you are not able to focus. When he or she asks you so you can politely say that you are not in condition to sit and have to reach home. Don’t feel guilty after doing this because you would not have made this excuse you actually would have become unwell.

An emergency: You might not like any emergency situation but in this situation an emergency can get you out. As you get any text from anyone just looked shocked and intense. Start behaving like a panic person. Say that there is an emergency and you need to rush back. No need to think any issue when he or she ask question about emergency just go out pretending that you don’t have time to explain.

Forgetting: Forgetting may not be a good habit but when you find yourself in a boring date it could help you to get out from it. Just suddenly stand up and say that you have forgotten something like keys, ATM card, documents etc at your friends home and you will need next day so it has to get back. Leave the place and rush to your friend. In this way you can get rid of the boring date as well as can spend some good times with your friend.

Just run away: Last but not the least. If you think you don’t want to lie then just pretend that you’re going washroom or make excuse of no network in your cell and just run away. It would be rude and the most embarrassing for your boring partner. But this could be your last trick to come out from that boring situation.