Types of teachers you see in High Schools

Teachers play a very important role in shaping the future of our future generation. Given a good teacher, our young ones can reach the stars and be successful in every aspect of their lives. Given a bad one, they might end up joining politics. Teachers are understanding, sweet, strict, caring and at times weird. However, there are a few types of teachers you witness in every high school. Here are a few types of teachers:

The Hot ones

Movies and televisions always portray a very good looking and beautiful teacher. However, in reality, there are very few such teachers in high schools. These teachers make us feel the worth of education just by saying a hello. Often surrounded by others in the staff room, and often approached by the students for the silliest doubts.

The Hulk

Everyone knows that one teacher who is so pissed off with his/her life that every time you say something stupid, they get so mad that their muscles inflate and they turn all green. Okay I am exaggerating, but they do get pretty mad for stupid reasons. Often found having their lunch alone and avoided by most of the students.

The Over friendly

“Good morning Dude! Have you finished your homework today?” is something that an overfriendly teacher might say. Trying hard to fit into the age group of their students to be the most loved ones, is sort of what they want the most. Regardless, they are the ones approached by students to get out of trouble. Often seem to be gullible and loved by many.

The Lazy ones

These teachers have an ability to teach, monitor, solve doubts etc without leaving the chair for once. They appoint one person to jot down notes on the board and one person to read out loud. These teachers are the reason why students deal with a boring and sleep inducing lecture. Often found on the same chair, and loved only by the back benchers.

The reasonable ones

These are the perfect teachers, who teach you precise information, give you less homework, excuse you for your reasons and appreciate your creativity. They easily make their students smile, once entered the room and are able to draw their attention throughout the lecture. Often seemed to be remembered by all, since most of them are just visiting faculty.