Serial sex sceneThese days it seems as if the mantra of all the Hindi soap makers has become entertainment ke liye sala kuch bhi karega. Whether it’s a show on Channel V meant for youngsters or a saas-bahu drama, certain scenes are just always put in the screenplay. Here we have a list of these typical scenes:

  1. The Blooming Love Scene: The most conventional way of portraying blooming love is depicted when a girl is falling and her future lover catches her or while quarrelling both the actors fall on top of each other, sometimes even roll once or twice…pause… we then have a close up of the eyes and the faces of the actors who seem to speak a thousand words with their eyes. The wind suddenly blows, curtains are flying and a nice romantic song makes its way through the love.
  2. The Abshagun Scene: “Coming events cast their shadows before”. This idiom has been taken way to literally when the directors always shows a huge round thaali containing religious paraphernalia falling as a bad omen just before someone’s accident or a just before the antagonist is going to enter the scene or serial.
  3. The Hospital and Prayer Scene: In almost all the serials, after a blatant truth is exposed or a the climax of a controversy is taking place, someone (Mostly an elderly member of the family) is admitted to a hospital after which the quarrelling members reunite and the admitted member magically opens his/her eyes after a rigorous prayer that his/her lover makes to God.
  4. The Sexual Scene: Since sex and sexual scenes are a taboo to be displayed publicly on Indian television, the soap makers find another route. Mostly all serials have a scene where the actress is dressing up and who but the actor stumbles his way to her room and helps her dress up by slowly and passionately tying the knot of her dress or saree. All this is accompanied by an awkward silence between the actors and instrumental music being played behind in the background.
  5. The Blame Game Scene: The climax of every serial is when the blame game starts off. Heart wrecking secrets are exposed with a lot of tears and blames. The evil mastermind of the controversy is exposed by the lead while the others actors receive an individual melodramatic freeze frame to flaunt off their shocked and grieved expressions.