“Still waiting…”

We’ve all heard of the annoying waiting period to get into a restaurant that we hope serves a hot meal. At the most we’ve had to wait for a frustrating hour. But have you ever heard about having to wait for five years after booking a table at a restaurant? Damon Baehrel – the most exclusive restaurant does just that!

The restaurant is three hours away from Manhattan in a place called Earlton. Chef and owner Damon Baehrel creates a truly original cuisine for his hungry guests as he picks out the ingredients of his spectacular dishes right from his own backyard. The restaurant seats 16 people from the basement of his house.

It’s also believed that the reservation is done through e-mail and even after that, you’re still left praying to the food gods to help you out! Baehrel does not hire any other chef and is one-man-army the only one making food for his customers. He also is the waiter, the  many of whom have traveled from several countries around the world to taste his food.

Damon Baehrel is a self-taught chef who gave up his career in motocross racing due to an injury. After then Baehrel and his wife bought their land and opened a catering business specializing in foraged food. It eventually evolved into the bistro concept in 2006 and since then he has relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth buzz.

Formerly known as the Basement Bistro, celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart and even Barack Obama are known to regularly visit Damon Baehrel. The revolutionary chef will stop taking reservations in 2018. which may make it one of the most difficult reservations to get in the world.