The 16thLok Sabha Elections are over and a new government has been formed. The ministries and cabinet berths have been allotted. Mild controversies have had their share. The usual 100-day agenda has been set. What remains is the commencement of the first session of the newly elected ‘Lower House’ proceedings. The first parliamentary session of the 16th Lok Sabha will commence from 4th June to 12th June. It is speculated that L.K. Advani is slated to be next Meira Kumar.. err.. ‘Speaker of the House’.

In any case, if the speculations turn out to be a farce, we bring you the list of likely Speakers of the Lok Sabha. If there’s any scope of adding ‘Bollywood Tadka’ to the fore, the post of the Speaker remains the best chance.

1. Vinod Khanna

The stylish veteran actor, if selected to be the Speaker of the Lower House, would sure be quite be enchanting. His skeptical look, the classic 80s smirk and baritone voice would well make ministers think twice before creating any nuisance in the parliament. Vinod Khanna is an elected MP from Gurdaspur, Punjab.

2. Kirron Kher

If Kirron Kher is to be the next Speaker of the House, we would have to make some changes for her seat. A buzzer on her seat and a red arrow above could well be a new way of passing bills. Her patent “hiding-behind-the-pallu” expressions would sure bring immense fun in the parliamentary proceedings.

3. Hema Malini


‘Dreamgirl’ Hema Malini a.k.a ‘Basanti’ will surely be a misfit in the Lok Sabha as a speaker.  As we all know the chirpy Basanti in the film Sholay, Even if a bit of Basanti is seen in the Lower House, for the first time, it will be the MPs who will tell the Speaker to be quiet and not vice versa.

4. Shatrughan Sinha

Aha, the ‘Shotgun’ actor Shatrughan Sinha, will be the best choice for the post of Speaker. Who wouldn’t love to hear “KHAAMOSSHH” to every nonsensical argument by the MP’s in Parliament. There will be utter discipline in the proceedings of Lok Sabha, if the Shotgun is at the helm.

5. Manoj Tiwari

The Bhojpuri actor, Manoj Tiwari, as a speaker would bring immense joy with himself. If only the proceedings in the Lok Sabha begin in ‘Bhojpuri’ accent, there would be endless laughter in the Lower House.  Tewari is an elected from North East Delhi constituency.

 6. Paresh Rawal

What’s funnier than hearing “Utha le re deva, arey mere ko nahi baba, inn MPs ko utha ley,” in the Parliament. Paresh Rawal as Baburao would surely ensure that those delaying the matters in the Lok Sabha are taken care of by the Almighty.


Meenakshi Lekhi – Surprise Inclusion!

She isn’t from Bollywood, but then who could better Arnab Goswami on the ‘Newshour” show on Times Now. Meenakshi is well known for her no nonsense straightforward approach. She may not be the next Speaker, but one wouldn’t mind seeing her shutting up the blabbering MPs.