FRIENDS aired from 1994 to 2004 and just when the world was coping with the fact that there will be no newer seasons of the life-altering show, in 2005 a show called How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM came along in 2005.

People who have seen FRIENDS will be able to tell you that nothing created ever again may come close to being epic but there can never be another show that is as complete as FRIENDS.

In one line – FRIENDS is better than HIMYM in every possible way, after all a show based on the show that has moved audiences may work for the ignorant but it is just a sad attempt at getting some ratings while the ghost of FRIENDS on TV is still fresh in the memory of audiences all over the world.

Let’s see why FRIENDS is better than HIMYM.


1 FRIENDS never had a boring episode

You know the times when you have your playlist on shuffle and hit the next button when you are not in the mood for a particular song till you get to one that you would like to hear and even maybe sing along. But, when it comes to watching any episode of FRIENDS, you can’t hit the next button unless it’s the one where Rachel and Ross fight because Ross thought that he ‘was on a break’ or the last episode because it’s just too hard to watch.

2 Light hearted entertainment of the best kind

From Joey’s ‘How you doin’?’ to Monica’s ‘I knooooooow’, the show was a continuous flow of well timed jokes that will lighten up your mood no matter how rotten a day you are having.

3 Chandler

Owing to his parents’ divorce when he was 9, he started using humour as a defence mechanism and it has to be said that no one does sarcasm better than Chandler Bing.

4 Ross and Rachel

They have been on and off many times, been married, divorced, have a kid together, almost broke up again and got back together for good (hopefully) in the last episode. Their ups and downs along with how it affected the touch of reality about relationships to FRIENDS.

5 Phoebe

The wonderfully weird Phoebe Buffay has always been the flaky one who has had a horrible childhood because her mother killed herself, her twin sister is not nice at all, her father walked out on the family when she was a baby and her grandma lied to her about her father’s real identity but despite all of this, she is messed up in possibly the best way. She is a masseuse who plays weird songs (mostly Smelly Cat) but we still love her for the way she is.

6 Finale

With the last episode of FRIENDS when the 6 friends kind of ‘grew up’ and some even had babies, you felt like a part of your life will never be the same again and when you watch the entire set of 10 seasons again, there is an underlying dread that you feel when you think how sad you’ll be when you watch the last episode. It brought tears to our eyes to bid adieu to our eyes because it was that good. HIMYM fans had tears of anger after HIMYM ended.

Like Ross said a few times on the show, ‘to sum up’ FRIENDS is a part of you that can never be recreated, just remembered for what a glorious time they have given us.