Today everyone has smartphone. And why should not have? Smartphone has drastically improved the way we communicate, share and live, but it still has its downsides—especially if you constantly use it. Excessive use of smartphone can have a negative impact on your health, work life, relationships, and more.

Here are six reasons why you should keep away yourself from it.

Late night use cause poor sleep


However working extra hours at night could take you ahead but research have found that if we use our smartphones after 9 p.m. for work purposes, we experience poor sleep and a drastic drop in energy the next day at the office. The blue light that emitted by phones hinders the production of melatonin, a chemical in body that promotes sleep.

Always thinking about a call or msg


Excessive use of smartphone may cause of “ringxiety”. It is now classified as an actual syndrome. When you experience panthom vibration you start hearing or feeling that your phone is ringing when it isn’t. “Ringxiety”has become so common among smartphone users.

Decrease your fitness level


Constant use of smartphone may affect your health and fitness level. If you play games, watch movies, or surf the Internet on your smartphone so it may lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Especially students who spent large amounts of time on their phones—as much as 14 hours a day—had the lowest fitness levels. People who limited their phone use to just 90 minutes a day proved to be in better shape.

Texting causes injuries


Everyone knows the dangers of texting while driving but texting while walking can do an equal amount of bodily harm. Texting while walking may cause of injuries like falling off walkways or bridges to strolling in front of moving traffic. So better keep your smartphones in your pants when you walk.

Losing your phone leads to freak-outs


Can you imagine living without your smartphone? Only this thought gives you goose bumps. But if you use smartphones constantly, you will be feeling panicked after losing it. So you fear too loose your smartphone you may be suffering from “nomophobia”, or the fear of being without a cellphone.

Ruin your memory power


You capture the special moment of your life in camera to share with others but overuse of your camera phone could actually affect your ability to remember those moments. Research says that when you capture your important moment you actually did not pay attention to it and then you feel problem to memorise and to recall them.