blair and chuck

Confused about your love life? Whether he is into you or not? So, you two have been going on consequent dates now. You both like each other and are thinking about taking things further, but there is an inch of hesitation to take the next step. Check these signs and if your boyfriend abides to all of them, then girl don’t get let him go anywhere!

1) He is your biggest fan

He waits for the coming weekend so that he can spend some time with you or makes often plans. He brags about you to all his friends and is genuinely love struck over you.

2) He gives you your space

He doesn’t surround you and your plans all the time! He makes sure there is some space to breathe in your relationship. He doesn’t mind, if you wish to spend some time with your friends alone

3) Meet the parents

If he has introduced you to his parents, then you can be rest assured that he is serious about you. A guy does ‘Meet the Parents’ thing when he is sure about you. So if he has done it already or intends to do soon, you should hold on to him!

4) He makes plans and day dreams about them with you

Do you see yourself on the beach in Mexico? Or maybe a summer in Paris? If he makes all the plans with you and day dreams about being on all these places then here’s a hint, he is definitely looking for a future.

5) He knows your deepest secrets and still adores you

He is aware of your darkest thoughts and deepest fears but nevertheless he still looks at you like you are magic. If he can embrace your all sides, then it’s time for you to take things further

6) Showers you with random compliments

He doesn’t care if you are in over sized sweat-shirt and PJs, he still thinks you are beautiful. He doesn’t mind your without make-up morning look  then girl, you have got your guy!

7) Chivalry isn’t dead when he is around

He might pull your leg now and then, but when you are with him, he makes sure he treats you like lady. If after so many dates, he still opens the doors and pulls the chair for you, then you should know that he will treat you right!

If he is only one who ran through your mind while reading this, stop searching for a reason, you are in the right hands! Just make sure you hold his!