Just days after the closing of Mobile World Congress, the world of gadgets is all geared up for another storm. This time from the multinational corporation, Apple Inc. Apple made its announcement of tie ups for its ‘iOS-in-the-car’ solution.

Some sources have informed that their in-car operating system will be launched at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. Apple had announced the ‘iOS in the Car’ solution during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013. It will bring in-car access to Siri (hands-free, eye-off mode), Apple Maps and, videos and music, and also allow drivers to make calls and send iMessages on-the-go.

This announcement has developed a lot of curiosity in Apple fans all over the world. While we ponder upon the future possibilities of Apple, here are seven facts about this multinational that may surprise you:

From Apple Computers to Apple Inc.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976 to develop and sell personal computers. It took not less than 30 years for the company to widen its foray into the field of consumer electronics. It was renamed as Apple Inc. after the shift in 2007.

The Apple Trade Shows

Apple’s brand loyalty is one of the most unusual one observed. The company has always supported its fans and users all over the major and minor centers where the Mac computers are available. Mac users would meet at the European Apple Expo and the San Francisco Macworld Conference & Expo trade shows where Apple traditionally introduced new products each year to the industry and public until Apple pulled out of both events. While the conferences continue, Apple does not have official representation there. Mac developers, in turn, continue to gather at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

The Best Global Brand

In 2013, Apple Inc. became the world’s most valuable brand in the Omnicom Group’s ‘Best Global Brands’ report. This place was previously held by the famous beverage company Coca-Cola. Apple is also the largest public traded corporation in the world and the most successful start up company of all time.


the first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. It was the first generation and GSM phone. It took 3 years for apple to develop this phone. It first began in 2004 with a team of 1000 employees and the project was called the ‘Project Purple’.

The other Steve

While Steve Jobs is known for his innovations at Apple, there was another Steve, who was the Co-founder of Apple. Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founder of Apple Computers was known as the conscience of Apple Inc. when the company opened its IPO, he felt that many employees receives unfair portions of the stock and to make it up, he unloaded 80000 of his own Apple shares at a price that was more than fair.

Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne was the third musketeer who co-founded Apple. However, in 1997, he sold all his shares for $800, the current evaluation of his shares would be approximately more than USD 35 billion!

The Power button

Products made by Apple do not have a direct off switch. They main reason behind this was Steve Job’s fear of death.