February 14. It’s Valentine’s Day. The day for the lovey-dovey!  It’s a day full of treating each other with love and utmost care. For most women, the day is quite a big deal, as it makes for a truly cherishable day. The guys on the other hand have to fulfill their lovely lady’s expectations. But for the single guys it means something different altogether. Check out what you can do if you’re single:

Embrace singleness

Just imagine if you were hooked to someone. By the second hour on your “special” day, you’d already be having a huge argument over something very silly. Single life should be respected.

Hang out with other single friends and drink to death

One single man will have his single comrades around for sure! Everyone can gather and just make fun of the guy who’s out on a Valentine’s Day dinner with his loved one. Single friends could drink down their sorrows and make it awkward by sharing why they don’t need women in life.

Treat Valentine’s Day like any other day and do the usual

It’s Valentine’s Day. No one cares! India shouldn’t even be celebrating it! It’s against several Indian cultures. Even if people are indeed celebrating it, so what? You don’t have to bow down to the pressure!  You can go to work, go for your smoke breaks, play computer games or watch TV. So you can do all the things you’d do on any other day.

Save Money and plan for the future

With the amount of money you save from not having to buy gifts and an expensive dinner for their girlfriend, you can surely save enough that would help you have an education in the near future!

Scout your next target

Have a hard look at yourself and then look at the prospects you have in front of you. You could go to a Valentine’s Day party and just go for the other single women. And if you aren’t invited to a cool party, scout for your prospects on your Facebook list.

Spend time with the family

This is actually a last-resort. Because some parents would think that their boy is a loser. But then again, you could tell them that you love them and that they’re your Valentine! Total aww moment!


If you’re single and you know it, don’t clap your hands! Slap your face! You might probably tell most of the other guys that you do very well without having a girlfriend. But in all honesty, you know you miss being with someone. So cry. Let it all out!

Photo credits: Photos.com