Face it, if you could, you’d want to do something like the oil drilling team led by Bruce Willis in Armageddon did and in return never have to pay taxes in your life. If you live in poorly administered countries then paying taxes hurts all the more because you can’t see your taxed income helping you out which is why you get taxed in the form of infrastructure.

You want to buy a car = pay road tax, have a decent income = pay tax, had a fancy meal = pay a fancy tax but what if taxes were charged which would make our life less of a hassle especially from irritating element. Wouldn’t that be something?

Here are a few things in life that are better off taxed than unrestricted-

Candy Crush, Farmville app requests on Facebook

Yes, you can block them by going to Settings>Blocking>Block Apps like you block those people who you don’t or can’t unfriend but don’t really like to have as a Facebook friend.

Chain e-mails and Wall posts

These are basically those mails and posts which urge you to share the mail/post or just ‘Like’ the post. ‘For every Like Facebook pays a dying cancer patient $1’. Seriously, who started this hoax? That person should be taxed along with the gullible fools who give in to the ‘Like if you love your mother’ posts. How does a ‘Like’ on Facebook determine if you love your mother or not? And if you can get past the guilt and see the post for what it really is, does it make you love your mother less? Absolutely ridiculous! Tax those who don’t use their brains.

Those who mooch off of your Wi-Fi

Yes, you can set a password but this is about your siblings who just mooch off of your Wi-Fi connectivity needs with their unnecessary downloads. Tax those who seem to be using free Wi-Fi and when their tax statement reads awkward Wi-Fi usage tax, they might learn a lesson and quit bugging you.

Vendors giving misguiding information on eBay

If you have ordered clothes or shoes online then you will know that getting the right fit as the one chosen is a one in a million chance. This is bad publicity for the minority of vendors who advertise and sell the right product. For all the rest, tax them and don’t tell them why for a while for them to feel the unknown frustration.

Slow drivers

There are some who try to break the sound barrier and will eventually break something else but the other end of the scale is the slow moving driver. A decent tax levied on them should teach them a lesson to go back to the loser lane where they belong but an unreasonably high tax for the slow drivers in the fast lane for making the ones drive within the speed limit have to change lanes because they can’t be bothered.

Double space taken by parked cars

In parking lots, there is usually enough space for a reasonably sized car (not hummer or Mercedes Benz S Class Pullman) to park leaving enough space for the doors to open while letting the adjacent do the same without losing paint from the edge of the door. For the ones who leave a cushion of half a car parking space by parking over the marked lines, tax them otherwise they will never learn.


Road contractors who use substandard materials to pocket funds and leave the roads potholed should be taxed excessively to teach them a lesson for the bane they are on society.